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Why does my kitchen smell weird?

Why does my kitchen smell weird?


There are many reasons to get a garbage disposal unit for your home. They are actually quite beneficial to the home owner. They help in developing an eco-friendly environment and are a sanitary option for taking care of food waste.

Everyone wants there home to be sanitary, and using a garbage disposal is a wonderful way to achieve this. By throwing food waste into ordinary garbage can, you are increasing the odds of creating bad odors within the home. Once the bag of food scraps are placed outside, it can attract wild animals. This can become a dangerous situation for pets and family members in areas where bear or other larger predators roam. Garbage disposals completely grind up all food waste so that it can safely be rinsed down the drain. There is no more need to fill up the garbage can with scraps.

A garbage disposal unit also lowers greenhouse gasses and reduces fuel costs for the garbage trucks by reducing the amount of trash generated from each home. When food decomposes, a methane gas is emitted. This gas is up to 21 times more dangerous than carbon dioxide. Even if food scraps are incinerated, gas emission levels rise.

As a homeowner you will notice a garbage disposal will save you money over time. You will be using fewer trash bags. Food scraps fill up the garbage can quickly and need to be removed before odors occur. This often means the trash is taken out before the bag is full.

Garbage disposal units can even benefit your community. Ground up food in waste water can be used to make energy. The methane gas is extracted from the waste water and used to generate electricity. Afterwards, the ground food can be extracted and used as fertilizer due to its high nutrient levels.

With so many benefits to both you the homeowner and your environment, it is easy to find a reason to have a garbage disposal unit installed. Your home will feel and smell cleaner, and you will be helping reduce your effect on the world you live in.

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