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Dangers Of Tree Roots In Your Sewer Line

Dangers Of Tree Roots In Your Sewer Line


A person that has a clogged sewer line due to tree roots can expect to have severe plumbing problems in their house that can lead to waste back up, or the inability to flush waste water. Tree roots can burrow through the metal, or plastic, pipes and restrict the flow of waste water. This means that it is very possible that sewage could contaminate the soil where the leak is. This can also lead to the water supply being tainted because of the introduction of sewage into the underwater aquifer or water table. There are professionals that can be called on to fix these problems. many times a professional will use a long cable that has a camera on the end of it in order to diagnose a possible sewer pipe obstruction due to tree roots.

Not only can the professional see what is obstructing the pipe, but many times they can also use the same piece of equipment to clear the obstruction so that the water will flow safely and unrestricted. Once the tree roots have been removed to allow the water to flow it is typical that the roots will grow back. These professionals will have to come out, periodically, in order to provide routine maintenance on the system. The only other solution is to remove the troublesome tree. People that have septic systems could incur further expenses by their sewer lines becoming clogged with tree roots. Many of the pipes that go to a septic system are made from a clay-like substance.

A tree root can shatter these pipes. In these cases, a quick fix is not going to work. A professional needs to dig up the affected area and replace the pipe. This can become quite costly. It is a good idea for homeowners to remove any trees that they suspect are around their sewage pipes so that they can decrease the chance that roots will come in contact with them. This type of preventative maintenance will ensure that a person will only have to call a professional if another, unforeseen, problem with their plumbing occurs.

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