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How do drain cleaners work?

How do drain cleaners work?


Just about everyone has had to deal with the aggravation of a clogged drain at least once in their lifetime. Of course the first thought that most people have when encountering this issue is to purchase a bottle of liquid drain cleaner because it is known to be both efficient and effective in clearing the clogged pipe. What most people don’t realize is how seriously dangerous these liquid drain cleaners truly are, and that they really should be avoided altogether.

The main chemical ingredients in these liquid products can typically include: lye, bleach, ammonia, sulfuric acid and potassium hydroxide – which are all very corrosive materials. Thinking about all of these chemicals mixed together and poured into the tub, shower or sink that you share with your family just simply seems like a toxic idea.

Having such a dangerously toxic substance around the house also raises concern regarding small children who might have easy access to the chemicals under the sink. There have unfortunately been many cases of children as well as family pets that have accidentally swallowed some of this caustic liquid. Simply getting some of the liquid on your skin can cause serious burns or even respiratory problems if large amounts of the fumes are inhaled. It doesn’t seem logical that people would take these risks to simply unclog a drain.

Where do these dangerous chemicals go after they’ve been poured down your drain to unclog the pipe? Most of the chemicals are removed once it reaches the water treatment plant, but unfortunately there can be small traces of the chemicals that still remain in the water after treatment. Releasing slightly tainted water back out into the world after being treated is obviously not a good thing for the environment.

The best alternative to using these dangerous liquid chemicals is to simply call a local plumber. Plumbers are trained to safely and effectively handle these types of issues, which means that you can avoid exposing dangerous chemical combinations to both your family and the environment.

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