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What are the benefits of having a garbage disposal?

What are the benefits of having a garbage disposal?


A garbage disposal is a motorized appliance that attaches under the sink, it grinds food up to go down the drain with water. There are many pros to installing a garbage disposal in your sink. Some benefits include convenience, less smell going into your garbage, and less landfill waste.

Garbage disposals make kitchen cleanup just a little bit easier. While you are cooking you can simply throw things in the sink, such as egg shells, potato peals, and apple cores. When you are done cooking and ready to clean up, you go to the sink, turn on the cold water and turn on the garbage disposal switch. All the food remains will go into the sink and grind up. No need for making trips back and forth to the garbage can.

Also, without so much fresh food in your garbage can that is just waiting to rot, you will not have to worry about your garbage smelling as bad. This is especially nice if you keep your garbage in the kitchen. You will not have to worry about emptying it for fear of your kitchen smelling of rotten food the next day. And, your garbage will not fill up nearly as fast.

With your garbage not being so full, you will be putting less trash in the landfill. This is a big deal for some people as landfill space has been a growing concern in recent years. The more stuff you are able to put down the disposal versus into the landfill, the better off it is for the environment.

Owning a garbage disposal is not only beneficial to yourself, but also to the environment. By using one, you have the convenience of putting most things down the drain that you normally would have thrown out. You will also be contributing less garbage to landfills, which is very valuable to our environment and future generations.

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