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Why should I hire a plumber for home projects?

Why should I hire a plumber for home projects?


Every weekend another homeowner will attempt a DIY plumbing project that they think they can easily tackle. The problems occur when the homeowner is simply unaware of all the complications that they face when they take on such a project. The smallest mistake can easily cost the homeowner more money than they would have spent if they simply hired a professional plumber to do the job in the first place. Here are some DIY plumbing projects your are better off leaving to a professional plumber.

How complicated could it be removing and installing a new dishwasher? This is something that happens in homes across the country everyday. Many times the homeowner will discover the plumbing lines are different or not long enough to reach the new dishwasher. Running new plumbing to a sink can be a real challenge for someone with no plumbing experience. This is a job that should be left to a professional plumber.

When the pipes in the house become clogged, many homeowners will run to their local hardware store and rent a power snake to run in the pipe and dislodge the clog. What eventually happens is the homeowner pushes too hard and the snake either gets stuck or breaks free in the bends of the pipe. Then a professional plumber has to be called to remove the broken snake and remove the clog. The end result is you pay the rental company for a broken tool rental as well as an emergency call to your local plumber.

Repairing broken pipes might seem like a simply DIY plumbing project. Simply cut the old pipe, solder the new one, and you are done. The leaking pipe was most likely a sign of a bigger issue that is further up the line, and simply patching the problem is not going to make it go away. Unless you have extensive experience in soldering, you should leave anything that has to do with installing new pipes to the professionals. If you didn’t create a proper seal that pipe can leak and cause mold to begin to grow in the surrounding area.

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