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What are the benefits of a summer drain cleaning?

What are the benefits of a summer drain cleaning?


Summertime tends to lead to a lot more excitement around a house — be that tenants taking cover from the heat outside, or children celebrating freedom from school and working household appliances double-time. A busy house means an increase in potential problems with drains. There are many reasons concerning why a drain cleaning is necessary now and not later:

As mentioned above, kids out of school for the summer lead to more time enjoying the pleasures of the great outdoors and dirty-ing up the indoors. All of that fun-to-be-had means more dishes to be cleaned, more clothes to be washed and more baths to be taken. No one wants any drains backed up in the middle of all that! It’s time for a drain cleaning!

The heat and humidity from outdoors has a factor or two on your household drains as well. Excessive temperatures may lead to leaks or loosening seals. A simple check-up on household drains could lead to avoiding potential disasters in the future.

Ladies, Pinterest may seem to offer all the answers for clogged drains with homemade remedies, but it’s safest to let the masters do the work — masters who have been properly trained with the appropriate equipment.

Properly-trained experts not only fix the problem at hand, but if, for some reason, a problem with the fixed drain happens in the future, experts will be available to address the issue with both responsibility and accountability!

Keep an eye on that garbage disposal as well. Before dumping any leftovers down the drain, make a mental list of these foods to avoid shredding with the disposal: meats, vegetables like celery or cornhusks (really, any “stringy” foods), and baking oils. Edibles like these can easily lead to buildups in drains, which lead to expensive repairs.

Simply put, be smart this summer! Just like people get checkups at the doctor’s office, drains need checkups to make sure everything is in perfect condition.

Make the smart summer choice and purchase a drain cleaning today!

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