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What Causes My Faucets To Drip?

What Causes My Faucets To Drip?


Listening to the dripping sound of a faucet can become extremely annoying after a while. The sound can keep you awake anticipating the next drip. On top of it being annoying, it could also cost you a lot of money. Dripping water is water that is being wasted. A faucet that is constantly leaking water can be wasting multiple quarts of water on a daily basis adding up to gallons of water being wasted in a years time. If you are paying a water bill, then your leaky faucet will definitely cause an increase in your water bill. The first step to getting a faucet repair is becoming aware of what is causing it.

One reason your faucet may be dripping is because of damaged parts. The washer and other parts, depending on the type of faucet, inside of the tap sees a lot of pressure and can become worn over time. These parts keep the water from flowing and are used every single day. So when you have a drip, worn out parts could be the potential problem. It is best to get a professional to look at it to tell you if you need new parts and inform you of what parts you need to get.

If the water in your faucets drips sporadically, then you may need to look at your water pressure. Does your faucet drip at certain times during the day? If your water pressure is not flowing correctly, then this could cause a back up and the water will begin to leak from various sources. Although this type of drip may not be to serious, if you let it continue on, it could become a serious problem. It is best to lower your water pressure to allow it to flow correctly.

There are a number of reasons why you may be experiencing a leaky faucet. It can be difficult to pinpoint what exactly your problem may be. You will want to eliminate this issue as quickly as possible because a simple leak could lead to something much bigger. Call your plumbing professional to get the answers you need about your leaky faucet.

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