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How Does A Water Softener Work

Save Money and Soften Your Water

Water is essential to our way of life, due to its abundant uses and vital nutrients and minerals, our entire ecosystem depends on it for survival. However, some of these minerals like calcium and magnesium are not so good for household uses and can seriously affect your plumbing. Overtime these minerals build up on things like kitchen and bathroom faucets, shower heads, and the inside of our toilet and pipes. One way to keep these minerals to a minimum and avoid damaging the plumbing in your home is to have a water softener installed by a qualified Berkeley plumber from Albert Nahman Plumbing and Heating.

The primary duty of a water softener is to remove the unwanted minerals and scale from groundwater before it enters the plumbing system of your home. The removal of these minerals will prevent buildup in pipes and the equipment through which your water flows. A water softener installation will also prevent bad tasting water and ensure that clothing and appliances are not affected by a buildup of scale, saving you time, money, and needless aggravation.

Water softeners treat unfiltered water by riding it of damaging minerals. The process involves the use of negatively charged polystyrene beads that separates calcium and magnesium from your water. Adding water-softening salt to the unit also aids in this process. After the beads have soaked up all of the minerals the softener enters a rejuvenation stage and all the unwanted particles are then flushed from the system through a drainpipe.

A water softener installation from Albert Nahman Plumbing and Heating will keep your water running free and clear for years to come. If you have hard water don’t wait any longer to remedy the problem, our expert plumbers will set you up with a top-of-the-line system, making sure that your water supply is as soft as it can be.

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