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The Secret to Lowering Your Water Bill

The Secret to Lowering Your Water Bill


Home water use varies depending on the number of people in a household, the type of appliances used, size of the house and several other factors. So what consumes the most water in a house is a matter of great debate. It is a topic that is sculpted from how much each one of the things associated with water consumes, including toilets, showers, lawns and faucets. However, these appliances can be upgraded with the help of a professional plumber, lowering the strain on your pocket.

A typical household uses most water in its toilets while flushing and showers while bathing. Toilets that are made before 1993 used up to 8 gallons of water for every flush. Today’s high efficiency alternatives use only 1.6 gallons or less. This means a family of four can save up to 25,000 gallons a year simply by switching to a newer toilet. Most water utility companies offer rebates to homes for replacing conventional toilets and shower-heads. Additionally, water can be saved by fixing leaky toilets – under the tank or changing wax ring and flapper.

A professional plumber will know how to deal with high-volume tanks. He or she may install vacuum-assisted toilet tanks in place of the older one, check for toilet leaks in places that you normally don’t suspect and prevent damages to the ceilings and floors. Also, these professionals advice not to use chemicals in toilet bowls where the pH level of water may later causing damages to the rubber or plastic parts of the toilet.

Lawn is another area in a property that needs a constant supply of water to maintain the aesthetic appeal of a home. A big lawn and garden demand more water than for indoor use so it becomes imperative to conserve water in this area. What you as a homeowner can do is adjust the sprinkler setting on the control board and make sure to use just enough water to keep the plants and grasses alive. Otherwise consult a reliable plumber to change the settings for you and adjust water levels and amount flowing around the garden. A professional plumber will create an irrigation schedule relative to the type of vegetation in your landscape. He or she will avoid over-watering certain plants that have best survival rate in your region. By not over-watering, you will not only conserve water but save plants as well. The plumber will take into account the amount of sunshine falling on every part of your garden as well in order to adjust your sprinklers.

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