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The Perils in Bathroom Remodeling

The Perils in Bathroom Remodeling


Having a bathroom remodel is a complicated process. Contractors often have issues with remodeling a bathroom because of multiple codes and piping problems. This is partly due to there being underlying issues in the pipes often located underneath the floors and walls. A skilled professional should always do a thoroughly inspection of the plumbing system before giving a quote for remodeling costs. Here are some of the pitfalls that homeowners should look out for when remodeling their tub and shower:

Inspect The Plumbing System

Some homeowners make the mistake of paying a hefty price tag for remodeling, only to find out they have underlying piping issues due to corrosion, blockage and rusting. A quality contractor will suggest remodeling before inspecting the pipes. The first thing should be checked is the cast iron drain system. Because most pipes corrode from the inside out, the damage may not be visible to the naked eye.

Modern homes usually come with galvanized pipes, which make it easy for replacement. If the galvanized pipes are frozen together, they will need to be broken. Homeowners should be open to the pipes being broken in order to avoid further corrosion. The plastic water supply can also prove to be a problem and halt remodeling efforts. If the contractor finds polybutylene pipes in the home, it will be very hard to remove and may cost extra for removal. There are a series of liabilities involved with replacing a shower or tub. Leaks can occurs which can lead to mold or mildew.

When It Is Time To Replace The Shower/Tub

The shower and tub should be replaced if it is corroded with mildew or mold. It may also need to be replaced if there are underlying issues with the pipes (as previously noted). Putting a new tub in will mean getting the correct measurements before installation. Codes also state that contractors should have a certain amount of crawl space for working on plumbing. Contractors and homeowners should check with their state for local codes. In many cases, the ‘Secretary of State’ will have this information.

More About Plumbing Codes

Most codes that are related to plumbing are regulated by the, “National Uniform Plumbing Code”.

These codes are used all over the country. The contractor may also need a permit before doing any actual building. Some of the common codes are related to venting. Drainpipes will need to be vented in order to avoid toxic fumes from building up. Fixtures are not to be placed close together. Homeowners should make sure the home as an adequate water pressure.

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