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Create Your Ultimate Bathroom

10 Ways to Upgrade the Look and Feel of Your Bathroom


Often the most used and yet neglected room in a home, most people would be surprised to know how easily the bathroom transforms into a room with visual and functional appeal. Below is our list of ten simple to incorporate and yet relatively affordable items that can be used to upgrade a bathroom.

Less Expensive Items

1. Wall Covering and/or Coloring

Nothing changes the atmosphere of a bathroom as quickly as the colors chosen for its walls. While some homeowners prefer using wallpaper, others prefer porcelain European tiles. However, a good coat or two of store-discounted paint will also set the right tone.

2. Ventilation

A natural breeding ground for mold, mildew and wall covering/paint damage, think of a bathroom extractor fan as being your best defense.

3. Hardware

Many trending bathroom areas choose their fixtures coordinated with their hardware such as door knobs and the latch/handles on their vanities.

4. Curtains

Unless you have a glass sliding door installation, a finely bought set of shower curtains does much to either darken a room, lighten it or simply add charm according to the homeowner’s taste. If you use a curved shower curtain rod, it will add even more space.

Medium Cost Range

5. FixturesWhether you hang a ceiling lamp with a brushed-olive tone finish, give a modern, shiny chrome look to your faucet/sink area or simply add a matching shower-head gear, fixtures give distinctive beauty to a bathroom.

6. Lighting

Generally, unless they have a ceiling window, bathrooms tend to be dark. Change the atmosphere by using light-colored paints or placing scones around a bathroom mirror. For even better illumination, you might think of recessed lighting, and include a dimmer device with whatever lighting you use.

Most Costly

7. Shower/Tub AreasTubs are generally out, and showers are in. Shower stalls were once 3-by-3 feet standard; however, now think in terms of 4-by-6 feet. Hint: If no other tubs are available in the house, then leave the tub in.

8. The Vanity Cabinet

Vanities and adjoining sinks add a definite touch of class to any bathrooms–large or small. While a double sink/double vanity is impressive, it often makes more sense having a single sink with more counter-top space.

9. Flooring

For both floors and walls, trending bathrooms seem to be going in the direction of porcelain tile as a designer’s favorite. However, a bathroom carpet makeover is also vogue.

10. Hire A Pro When The Job Calls For One

Generally, a shower/tub, toilet and sink should remain in their same original places. However, if electrical work is needed or plumbing lines need replacement, then don’t try to go on the cheap with these jobs. Exploratory work may be needed to discover any hidden issues. Call a pro, and keep your peace of mind.

While you’re at it, splurge on something high-end that stands the test of time and wear such as an energy-efficient toilet, vanity counter and shower installation. It sure will make you feel good with your remodeling results.

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