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Did You Believe One of These Plumbing Myths?

5 Plumbing Myths Debunked

Saving Money With the Fact

There are many plumbing myths that can actually cost you money if you believe them. Knowing the facts about these myths will save you money in the long run. It would be very wise not to believe everything you hear when it comes to plumbing. Save your money and ask a professional plumber to answer with a factual answer.

Five Common Myths

There are some very tall tales when it comes to plumbing advice. There is a lot of information going around that is intended to be helpful. Here are five myths that have believed to be facts. These are not facts, they are myths that are being debunked.

1. putting ice cubes in your garbage disposal can sharpen the blades; ice cubes do not sharpen blades, they may take odors out of the disposal and clean the blades.

2. it is all right to wash unused medications down your sink; no it is not all right. This may lead to an imbalance in the entire tank’s ecosystem.

3. washing faucets with hand soap will be work well and offer a sparkle; Using old fashioned soap and water to clean faucets may actually corrode them. It is a good idea to dry off fixtures after use. Your warranty will be protected if you prevent corrosion by keeping faucets dry and clean.

4. Place a brick at the back of a toilet tank in order to save on water; a brick is going to actually deteriorate and this will cause the flapper to actually break. You may end up needing to flush two times and use more water.

5. Use hot water to flush the grease down; it should be known that grease will stick to your pipes. Many people will try to use boiling water to flush the grease through. This is not useful because this will create a very thick coating right in your pipes.


Check it Out

It is a great idea to check it out! When you hear some good plumbing ideas, you might want to check it out with your favorite plumber. Find out if the information needs to be debunked.

Don’t be fooled by plumbing myths! Call Albert Nahman Plumbing at (510) 876-9725 for great advice and service in the Berkeley area. 

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