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Top 5 Bathroom Remodeling Trends of 2015

One of the best things you can do to add some eye appeal, as well as some value to your home is through remodeling the bathrooms in your home. There are literally hundreds of things you can do to improve your bathrooms, but here are a couple hot trends that you can definitely implement in the remodeling of your bathrooms.


A great thing you can do if your bathroom is on the top floor is to install a skylight, although this is going to greatly depend on if your bathrooms are situated correctly.

However, almost all bathrooms have some sort of window, and if you cannot put a skylight in, you can always upgrade the size of your window. Allowing extra light to get in can be a really relaxing way to bring about more enjoyment of being in your bathroom.

Paint and Tiling

A dramatic way to alter the appearance of your bathroom, without having to replace or change major parts of the bathroom is by putting in new tiling, counter tops or simply by painting the walls. This is completely up to preference, but there are so many options that you can go through that it is pretty mind blowing.

Granite counter tops look amazing and there are all sorts of different tiles that you can put in. You might want to consider putting in a back splash behind the sink, which is basically a set of tiles that get fastened to the wall and look beautiful. You can also use various paintings to be hung on the walls, or pieces of artwork that can be situated in various places around the bathroom.

Upgrade Appliances

You can always upgrade your bathtub, shower, sink and everything else that is being used in your bathroom. There are all sorts of new age tubs and sinks that you can use in your bathroom, which have gotten very popular over the last few years.

Many people have been putting in large showers that have faucets that drop straight from the ceiling, and a ton of people have been putting in large bathtubs that sit up above the flooring, like people used to have back in the day.

You might want to consider making some of these major changes to your bathroom to fully update and upgrade your home, but keep in mind that making these changes is going to require quite a bit of money.

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