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Low Flow Fixtures and Faucets Could Save You Money!

It’s Time to Go Low Flow!

One thing you may have heard of is low flow plumbing fixtures. Despite their benefits, many people don’t make the little effort required to install things like low flow toilets, shower heads and faucets.

However, there are certainly reasons why you should make the small investment required. Below are just some of the great benefits of low flow plumping fixtures.

They Save You Money

One of the best reasons to install low flow plumbing fixtures in your home is the possible cost savings you can reap from their use. They can save on both your water and energy use.

Many low flow appliances use half as much water as their non-low flow counterparts. If you use city water, this can certainly add up quickly. You will also be spending half on the energy required to heat the water in your shower and faucets. In fact, the savings you are certain to receive will likely pay for the new plumbing fixtures in less than a year.

They’re More Efficient

Low flow plumbing fixtures are designed to achieve maximum efficiency. What this means is they often do their jobs better than regular plumbing fixtures with only a fraction of the water.

For example, low flow showerheads and faucets are designed to better focus the droplets of water they spray out. The droplets may be smaller, but they are also pushed out faster and straighter. This means spending less time in the shower, washing your hands and doing the dishes.

They Help the Environment and the Community

Using low flow appliances is also the responsible thing to do. To help preserve the environment and stave off pollution, conserving water and lessening our energy use is very important.

Using low flow plumbing fixtures can do both at the same time. In many places, it also helps the surrounding community. Droughts are not uncommon. Diverting too much of an area’s water supply to homes that don’t really need it can mean less water for farmers to grow their crops and for fire departments to fight fires.

There May Be Tax Incentives

The government has an incentive to decrease homes’ water and energy conservation. For this reason, tax incentives are available in many jurisdictions to help citizens pay to install new low flow plumbing fixtures. Taking advantage of such incentives is a great idea. You’ll benefit from the low flow appliances while having to spend little of your own money to make the investment.

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