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Make Your Kitchen Stand Out!

5 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for Your Home

There are a lot of ways to update your Berkeley, CA kitchen and make it look new and fresh. One overlooked aspect is the plumbing. Remodeling the sinks and faucets is relatively easy.

Install Spray Faucets

Installing higher pressure faucets in the kitchen can make cleaning a breeze. A higher pressure faucet will naturally scrub the dirt off of fruits and vegetables.

High pressure faucets are also great for cleaning dishes. There’s no need to soak them in water because the faucet blasts the grease off of them. There are many high pressure faucets that are designed with function and style in mind. A pull-out kitchen faucet is probably the most practical.

Consider an Island Sink

Not every sink needs to be attached to the wall. Island sinks can sit in the center of the kitchen. These are typically smaller and less practical, but they look very stylish. Island sinks make kitchens look unique and contemporary. They also free up a lot of kitchen space on the counter tops. They are ideal for kitchens with a lot of floor space. The pipes usually require a significant amount of adjusting.

Compact Washing Machines

Installing a compact washing machine in the kitchen is a great way to free up space in other areas of the house.

It is relatively easy to hook these up in smaller condominiums. People without garages may find that a compact washer and dryer setup in the kitchen is ideal. The kitchen is also usually a very accessible area of the house. You may find it faster to wash clothes while cooking or cleaning.

Create Unique Sink Designs

Most typical sinks are boring to look at. A creative looking sink can actually be a conversation piece. A thinner dual sink may be used to wash wine glasses. Some kitchen sinks have very unique shapes. They may be designed to allow the water to flow downward on a slope. Kitchen sinks may be shaped like hexagons or seashells. The only limit is your imagination.

Install Electronic Faucets

You may have seen electronic faucets in public restroom facilities. They can also be installed within the home. These unique items are activated by being touched anywhere on the faucet. They can even be activated with an arm or elbow tap.

An electronic faucet is sure to turn heads when guests visit. Many of them are cheaper than most people think. .

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