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Why is Annual Maintenance on Your Water Heater Important?

It is obvious why Berkeley homeowners take care of their homes, to protect their biggest investment; and inspecting the home’s plumbing is top on the list of things to check.

Yes, plumbing is the most essential home resource for cleaning, drinking, washing, cooking, and for bathing. Depending on where you live, hot water may be very import, so checking the hot water source in your home such as the water heater should be conducted annually.

Why is Annual Maintenance on your Water heater Important?

Just like the electrical wiring, outlets and major appliances in your home, the plumbing, drains, faucets and the water heater also need annual inspection and maintenance. Why maintain your water heater? Mainly, because that is usually one of the things most folks forget about maintaining; out of sight, out of mind.

Here are a few reasons why your water heater is important to maintain.

3 Good Reasons Maintenance on Your Water Heater is Important

Keep it working – a water heater is design to last for many years, if it is maintain yearly. You probably already know how important hot water is in the home; it’s used for washing your clothes, your dishes and your body on cold days and nights. No one likes to take a cold shower when hot water is available.

Avoid unnecessary repair costs – maintaining your water heater annually will ensure that it lasts as long as it was design too, and when it runs well; it won’t breakdown and cost you money to fix.

Your Family’s safety – there is nothing more important than your family’s safety, and because hot water heaters are powered by either gas or electricity, checking them at least once every year is worth it. Worn or damaged gas lines or electrical wires are an accident waiting to happen, especially when they are left unnoticed. Many of the homes in Berkeley are old enough for this to be a serious concern, so be aware of the potential dangers and take action!

A fire in the home is the worst thing that could happen, and depending on your home’s insurance policy, maintaining your water heater may already be a requirement to cover fire damage caused by a water heater.

Annual Maintenance on your Water Heater by Professionals

Maintaining your water heater is important, and, it is not as expensive as you may think. However, because your home and family are important, you should only hire the best technicians for the job – a licensed professional.

If you haven’t had your Berkeley, CA system checked out, there’s no better time than now to call Albert Nahman Plumbing at (510) 876-9725

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