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The Top 5 Plumbing Myths

While myths may sound good, they do little to help with the real world. Such is the case with plumbing myths, which do more harm than good. Yet despite this, many plumbing myths are perpetuated due to the fact that few Berkeley people know the ins and outs of their plumbing systems.

And as many plumbers can attest, people who know little about their plumbing tend to make plenty of mistakes along the way. If you want to find out if you’re still believing some of today’s most common plumbing myths, take a look at some of the most popular ones below.

Maintenance Not Required

For plumbing systems to work at their best, regular maintenance is needed. However, many people think the opposite and rarely, if ever, look at their home’s pipes and drains. Because of this, numerous problems often develop that require a plumber’s assistance to correct.

To avoid problems, take a look around to see if any cracks or rust are evident on pipes, and examine drains to ensure they are not getting clogged. Also, never use hand soap to clean fixtures, since the soap will greatly dull the finish. Instead, have a Berkeley plumber recommend a metal cleaner that will be effective without being too harsh on the metal.

A Clean Disposal

To clean a garbage disposal, many people use lemon rinds that are ground up in the disposal. However, all that does is make the disposal smell fresh while leaving food particles and grime behind.

For an effective cleaning of the disposal, a mixture of warm water and soap should be used every week or so. By spraying the mixture into the disposal and scrubbing with a brush for about 10 minutes, the disposal will be grime-free and also smell great.

Down the Drain

Despite what many people think, just because something goes down the drain does not mean everything is fine. In fact, many times a clog may be forming within the drain or pipe. However, people believe if they simply run warm water down the drain on a regular basis, this won’t be the case.

Along with this, people tend to use garbage disposals for regular trash disposal, often putting cigarettes, metal, and paper in them on a regular basis. Again, they think that if they run water while doing so, all is well. However, all that happens is a disposal’s blades and motor getting damaged.

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