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Don’t You Hate When This Happens?

Plumbers Recommended Technique of How to Unclog a Sink

There are times when Berkeley people will have plumbing problems. No matter what is done to prevent plumbing issues, people will occasionally encounter plumbing problems. One of the most common plumbing problems is a clogged sink. While a clogged sink will not cause any serious damage, a clogged sink can be frustrating and inconvenient.

 A Clogged Sink

A clogged sink will prevent water from flowing through a drain past the point of the clog. In many cases, the water will build up in the drain and collect in the sink. This is a sight many people do not want to see, and it makes unclogging a sink more difficult.

The reasons for a clogged sink vary. Some of the most common causes include a buildup of grease and an overworked garbage disposal. Whatever the reason, a clogged sink will prevent people from using the sink until the clog is removed.

Best Ways to Unclog a Sink

Some of the best ways to unclog a sink include:

1. Running a snake through the basket strainer.

2. Taking the trap apart.

3. Using a plunger.

A clogged sink can become a challenge to unclog depending on the nature of the clog. Factors such as where the clog is located, what is causing the clog, and how far down the drain the clog has moved will all impact how difficult it will be to unclog the sink. The closer the clog is to the sink, the easier the clog will be to handle. On the other hand, clogs located further down the drain will usually require more time and effort to unclog.

Professional Plumbers

For many people in Berkeley, the main challenge they have concerning the removal of a clog is finding the right tools to use. This is why a professional plumber is able to handle sink clogs easily and quickly. Plumbers have tools that allow them to effectively remove clogs.

One of the most common tools utilized by plumbers to remove clogs is a snake. The tool allows plumbers to literally locate the clog in the drain and remove the clog. The time required for plumbers to remove a clog varies, but generally a plumber will be in and out within an hour.

There is never a good time to have a clogged sink. However, there are various ways that a clog can be removed. The main factor concerning a clog is the location of the clog. The further down the drain the clog is located, the more challenging the clog will become.

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