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The Top 3 Bathroom Trends To Watch For In 2016



In the year 2016, the trend is going to be adding wood into the bathroom. There are so many ways to add wood that some may not have even thought of, such as adding it around the sink, to the wall, or even putting certain types of hardwood on the floor. Wood can be utilized in many ways for the bathroom, especially for those who are tired of having tiles or other material on their bathroom floor. Getting the right type of wood for the bathroom floor can be a lot of fun, especially when choosing the exact tone that will match the bathroom. Other ways that wood can be used in a bathroom is by creating compartments on the wall that are built out of wood, but they are made to be unmoved, and maybe they have hidden compartments as well. Once you get into remodeling your Berkeley bathroom, get some ideas from your remodeler that can incorporate wood.

Tile Patterns That Are Creative

Many are so used to having tile that is square in shape and all the same size on their floor or on the wall in their Berkeley bathroom. Creative patterns are something that is gaining steam, and in 2016, it will be a new trend that many who are remodeling or creating a bathroom would like to see. Patterns don’t have to be perfectly square anymore, but it’s possible to zigzag patterns, make the patterns circular, or a completely unique pattern can be created. Those that choose to be unique and add creative patterns to their bathroom using tile can bring a new look to their bathroom that makes them the envy of those who have standard tile flooring. The tile doesn’t have to be white in color either, consider getting colored tiles or tiles that reflect the look of the bathroom.

Two Shower Heads

Those that have big enough showers may want two shower heads instead of one. Having two shower heads can bring a unique touch to the shower, and one shower head can be standard while the other one is a handheld shower head. It’s even possible to have a shower head that rains down while also having a handheld shower head. No matter how you choose to incorporate two different shower heads into your tub or shower, you will get the best of both worlds whether you choose to hold your shower head in hand or stand underneath one.

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