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Tech Out your Toilet

The Latest Toilet Technologies

Toilets are more complicated than they look. They may seem like a simple pot full of water than can flush waste away, but they’ve come a long way from the past and are still gaining new features. New toilets are being developed all around the world, from quieter, more discrete models to ones that offer superior cleanliness for disease control.

Bill Gates Optimizes the Toilet

Even though a toilet is a basic Berkeley household tool in the developed world, there are places where people can’t afford them. It would even been impossible for them to get the running water that they need to use a modern toilet. Bill Gates has sponsored the development of toilets that can be deployed to those areas in order to improve sanitation and fight disease. Some of the designs that he received can convert waste into energy or animal feed, which means that in the long term they might find their way into homes in the developed world for people who want to recycle everything that they can.

Adjustable Bidets

Water cleansing has become a more popular alternative to using paper in modern years. The process is much more environmentally friendly and sustainable than relying on paper, which has helped to spread it among environmentalists. The most modern toilets can come equipped with bidets that offer adjustable water temperatures and angles of deployment for maximum comfort.

Music, Heating, and Comfort

Not every improvement is designed to help improve sanitation in undeveloped nations or to save the environment. Some of the most modern innovations exist simply to make the toilet more comfortable to use. People spend time with them every day and that time can add up over the years, so it makes sense to make the process as pleasant as possible.

The most modern toilets offer a wide variety of comforts to their users. Engineers have recognized that few things in this world are more unpleasant than a cold toilet seat in the morning, so they have developed heated seats to solve that problem once and for all. Some models can play music to help hide other sounds and can spray perfume to deal with unpleasant smells, which are particularly useful features for people who are shy about using public Berkeley toilets.

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