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Plumber Recommended Methods for Fixing a Leaky Faucet

Leaky faucets are pesky plumbing issues that are often hard to permanently fix. If you leave a leaky faucet without repairing it, you’ll waste water and could face irritation caused by the constant dripping sound.


There are a few helpful plumber-recommended methods for quickly fixing a leaky faucet yourself at your home. Of course, plumbers know that Berkeley homeowners won’t feel comfortable dismantling their faucet assembly, so simplicity is important. One of the easiest ways to fix the issue is to replace your faucet’s gasket.

Supplies You’ll Need

In order to change the gasket of your faucet, you’re going to need an adjustable crescent wrench. Another thing you’ll probably need is a cleaning supply like an old toothbrush. You’ll also need to make a trip to your local hardware store to pick up a new replacement gasket.

Turn Off your Water and Prepare your Tools

The first thing you need to do is turn off your water to make sure it doesn’t start running as your removing faucet components. You’ll need to remove a few parts before you can get at the gasket so that you can get the job done.

Replace your Gasket

The first part you need to remove to get at the gasket is the faucet head. While you may be able to use your crescent wrench for this part of the job, it’s often possible to move a faucet head with one’s bare hands.

After the faucet head is removed you will need to locate the gasket, which is a metal ring that goes around the inside of the faucet just above the faucet head.

Have a look at your gasket and check if it is worn. If it is visibly worn or torn at parts, it is most likely to be the cause of your leak.

The best way to find an appropriate replacement gasket is to take your original gasket to the hardware store with you and to find a piece that matches it identically.

After you’ve put the new gasket in place, replace your faucet head and turn your water back on.

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