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A Few Ways to Prepare Your Home to Face the Scorching Hot Summer

Preparing a Home For The Hot Summer Months

In a short time, the summer months will arrive. Many people will begin to use their air conditioners regularly. It is best for a homeowner to prepare their home and air conditioner before the hot weather. If this isn’t done correctly, they may experience an unpleasant surprise when they try to use their air conditioning system.

Air Out the House

Spring temperatures make it possible for a homeowner to air out their house. This is important for a number of reasons. When the hot summer months arrive, it will be important to keep all the windows tightly shut to keep the cool air inside.

The spring is the time to open all doors and windows and experience the fresh air. As the outside air circulates through a house, it will remove any unwanted odors. It is also a good way to help prevent the development of mold and mildew inside a home.

Pre-Season Tune-Up

It is important for homeowners to realize their high-efficiency air conditioner is a complex machine. It was made to function properly during the hottest times of the year and keep a home at a comfortable temperature.

An HVAC technician will clean and inspect all components of an air conditioning system. This will make the system operate more efficiently.

They can also detect any signs of potential problems and quickly resolve them. This will prevent any breakdowns from occurring on hot days when air conditioning is essential. A pre-season tune-up can save a homeowner costly repairs and also help their system last longer.

Change Air Filters

A homeowner should regularly change the air filters in their HVAC system during the entire year. A good time to make sure the air filters are changed is before the start of the hot summer months. Doing this makes it possible for cool, clean air to easily move throughout a home.

An HVAC technician could also do this when they check the air conditioning system in the spring.

Eliminate Air Leaks

It is important to seal any air leaks in a home before the start of summer. These leaks can cause the inside temperature of a home to become uncomfortable.

When a home has air leaks, the cold air created by an HVAC system will leave a house as soon as the HVAC system releases it. This can cause the HVAC system to work harder and struggle to provide a comfortable inside temperature.

A homeowner needs to check all of the windows and doors in their house. They need to make certain no gaps or drafts around the door frames or windows are present. When these leaks are properly repaired, it can also decrease a homeowner’s energy bills.

Outdoor Unit Panels

It is important to carefully inspect an HVAC unit’s panels. They are made to specifically protect the unit’s electrical connections. It’s possible for extreme weather conditions, such as strong winds to cause a panel to go missing. A panel could also become misaligned. This is a situation that could create a risk for the safe and effective operation of an HVAC system. If a homeowner notices missing panels, as well as electrical connections, they should contact an HVAC technician. They will be able to assess the situation properly and correct it.

Supply Vents and Return Grills

An HVAC technician will know how to clean a high-efficiency air conditioner’s supply vents as well as return grills. They will know how to keep the return air grills and vents free from unwanted debris. Many things can build up during the time an air conditioner is not being used. It may be necessary to eliminate such things as an unwanted collection of dust, pet hair and more.

Some homes have a supply grill for the summer and one for the winter. Extra plastic may have been used to cover the air conditioning vents during the winter. An HVAC technician will make certain these are properly removed before the air conditioning unit is turned on. This will ensure proper air flow.

Pipe Insulation

An HVAC technician will know when piping insulation associated with the air conditioning unit needs to be repaired or replaced. The suction line is a large copper pipe on the outside of an air conditioning unit. If insulation for the line is damaged, this could result in a loss of cooling. It may even damage the system. It’s possible for insulation to be damaged by the sun, trapped water, freezing temperatures and more. This insulation is necessary for the air conditioning system to work efficiently. It is important that the HVAC technician replaces or repairs it before the unit is used.

Outdoor Coil

It is important to remove any type of debris from an air conditioning outdoor coil. HVAC technicians have found everything from trash, sticks as well as vegetation and more inside the coil or against it.

The system’s outdoor coils are responsible for transferring heat. Debris can impede this from happening. Some homeowners may make the mistake of packing mulch around the base of their air conditioning unit. This is a mistake. An HVAC technician will know to remove lids, coil blankets, and covers. If a system is started with any type of cover in place, it could seriously damage an air conditioning unit. This will result in costly repairs.

Coil Drainage Hose

This is often referred to as the condensate line. It is usually made of plastic. The temperature of the coil drainage hose will be less than the ambient water and air. This will result in water forming on the coil. This water then drips into a tray beneath the air conditioning unit. The water needs to flow into a drain. If this doesn’t happen, the tray will become filled with water. This could result in water spilling in a basement. An HVAC technician will be able to ensure the coil drainage hose is working properly.

Air Filtration Needs

To ensure you receive spectacular air filtration services in your Berkeley, CA home during the hot summer months be sure to contact Albert Nahman Plumbing at (510) 876-9725 for a spring check-up.

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