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Pay Less on Your Water Bill With These Helpful Tricks

Save Money


When you are trying to cut costs in your home, you are best to target the variable costs, because your efforts will directly impact your bottom line. One such cost is your water bill. With a little planning and commitment, you can ramp up your water conservation efforts and save a great deal of money.

Not only does being mindful about water use help to reduce your water bill, it helps to reduce your water footprint. You get to save money and help the planet at the same time. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Identify Plumbing Leaks

Small plumbing leaks may not seem like a big deal, but when it comes to water waste, they sure are. It doesn’t take long for those tiny drops to add up to a big water bill. That’s why you never neglect any plumbing leaks. Get them fixed as soon as you discover them.

Seeing moisture on a pipe or pooling water will obviously signal a leak, but there are other signs that are more subtle. Keep on the lookout for rising water bills, low water pressure, mold growth or sounds of rushing water in the walls.

Use Grey Water for Your Plants

Grey water is water that has already been used (i.e. for washing or for cooking). The matter in that water isn’t ideal for cooking or drinking, but it is ok for other uses, like your plants. Collect your cooking liquid and mist it on your plants.

Another use for grey water is to flush your toilet. You can collect the water from your shower and use to flush the toilet naturally, which will cut down dramatically on your water use.

Head to the Carwash

Your plumbing is one of your home’s components that ages and will have to be replaced over time. How quickly it needs to be replaced depends a lot on what you do to make sure that your drains are in good shape.

Drains and pipes will break and/or corrode. If you get in the habit of removing the problem-causing buildup, then you give your plumbing greater longevity, saving you money in the long run.

You’ll also get the benefit of lower water bills, because there is nothing impeding water flow, reducing your water waste.


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