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Wondering How to Connect a New Refrigerator? Read this Guide!


Refrigerators are a key component of your kitchen. Without it, we wouldn’t have anywhere to store and keep all our delicious food. Once delivered, it’s time to install your new appliance and get it up and running. If you’re wondering how to do that, keep reading and discover some quick and easy steps to be refrigerating in no time!

Connecting Your Ice Maker

Follow these easy steps to get your ice maker connected:

1. Turn off the water, and let your sink run to drain the water line.
2. Locate the cold water supply pipe, either in the basement or under the kitchen sink.
3. Tap into the cold water pipe using a saddle valve – it comes with the ice maker kit.
4. Attach the two straps over the pipe, and tighten them with the supplied nuts and bolts. The tip of the shaft should pierce the pipe, allowing water to flow through the hollow center.
5. Completely open the valve, to allow water to flow through the tubing to the fridge.
6. Drill a hole in the floor (if you’re coming up through the basement), so you can feed the copper tubing to the fridge.
7. Feed the tubing into the kitchen once the hole is drilled.
8. Use a compression fitting to connect the kitchen end of the tubing to the back of the refrigerator’s water valve, typically located in the lower left corner.
9. Once all connections are made, open the water supply line and check for leaks.

Connecting to the Water Dispenser

Now that your ice maker is connected, your water dispenser should also be ready to go. While your Refrigerator kit will come with all your essentials for installation, it’s important to note that saddle valves aren’t always the best option for tapping.

The metal coated clamp can easily rust and can lead to leaks. If you are in a pinch and installing the refrigerator yourself, use the saddle valve. However, in the future, consider replacing it with a proper stop valve.

Why Hire a Professional

Kitchen plumbing can be quite complex, especially if you’re new to it. Having a professional plumber install your refrigerator can help make the process go much smoother. This method will save on time, and prevent potential mistakes that will lead to leaks. Contact your local plumber in Berkeley, CA to get it done right and on time.

Now your refrigerator is installed. Whether you choose the DIY version or hire a professional plumber, you can take some time and admire your new addition to your home.

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