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Don’t Skip the Permit for Your Remodel


Remodeling a home is a massive undertaking. Whether it be a kitchen or bathroom renovation, it is an enormous job that requires a lot of thought and planning. One of those steps includes being issued a permit.

Permits are required for any work that introduces new plumbing into a home, or one that moves or replaces pipework. This rule is in place to maintain the integrity of the house and follow safety standards. Don’t skip the permit for your remodel, or you will regret it.

A Licensed Professional Would Not Approve

You could call every plumber in Berkeley, CA and they would all tell you the same thing: you will need a permit for your bathroom or kitchen remodeling project. Remodels typically include replacement or installment of new plumbing, which would require a permit.

A plumber will tell you, permits are required for your safety and the protection of any homeowners that may come after you. Unless you are a licensed plumber yourself, it is easy to miss little things that can lead to much larger issues in the future.

You Could Be Fined

The city can and will issue fines for completing renovations without a permit. Proper documentation is required prior to beginning any work.

If found without a permit, you are required to immediately cease all work until you acquire a permit, and a late permit fee will be tacked on to your fine, on top of the basic cost of the permit.

In reality, that small skipped step can set you back weeks in your bathroom remodeling project, costing twice as much as the original permit would have. The fine is in place not to scare you, but to emphasize the importance of permits and how much they are related to our safety because a permit will also come with inspections.

Safety Standards May Not be Met

Taking the no permit route can be like fishing in the dark. Going into big projects like kitchen remodeling requires accuracy and knowledge.

Permits ensure whatever you do to your home is up to building code and will not create problems in the future. Inspections are sometimes necessary, depending on the size of the task you are undertaking. All of these steps are in place for a reason, and that reason is safety.

Well hopefully now you have decided to give the city a call and inquire about permits before you start tearing down walls. Remember, permits are there for you and your protection. Don’t waste time hoping you can get the job done without one. Just apply for a permit and get on with your home renovation as planned.

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