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How to Install Central Air in Your Older Home



Summers heat up fast, and when all you have is a fan to cool you down, the heat can become too much for you and your family. You may be thinking about how a central air conditioning can solve all your problems, but you need to know what you need and how much it can cost before making a decision.

The more informed you are on what you need, the better equipped you are to make a decision. Read on before choosing a new central air conditioning system for your home!

Home Size Affects Unit Size

The actual square footage of your home can impact the type of system you choose to get installed. Some good examples of symptom from homes with improperly sized units include:

  • Low airflow in certain areas of the home.
  • Higher than usual energy costs.
  • Home takes longer to heat or cool.
  • System cycles on and off during operation.
  • Cold or hot spots.
  • Frozen condenser coils.

If the system you have in place in your home is not the correct size it can struggle to heat or cool your home. This translates into higher than usual energy costs, or worse, an uncomfortable temperature inside your home. Additionally, if the system is not properly sized, it could begin to fail much quicker, leaving you with costly repairs and no HVAC system.

Before installing any air conditioning in your home, your contractor should always take measurements of your entire home. This allows them to find a unit that can cool every area of the home easily.

You Can Get Air Conditioning Without The Ducts

If your home is not equipped with the necessary ductwork – that doesn’t have to be a problem. Ductless mini split air conditioning systems work without the use of air ducts and allow you to completely customize the temperature and comfort inside your home.

These small units can easily be installed on walls and baseboards, giving you tons of options in your home.

With a well-designed system, you can get the customized feel of a central air conditioning for the fraction of the price, leaving you and your family comfortable at all times.

How Much Does a New System Actually Cost?

It’s a costly expense to install a central air system and takes more than one technician to get the job done. Because of the intensive nature of the work, it can often range anywhere from $2500 to $5000 or more.

Because of this expense, it’s important to ensure you’re 100% satisfied with the work being done in your home. You should always get a written estimate before any work is done in your home and check for warranty information.

If you want quality work at great prices, you can always Choose Albert Nahman Plumbing. At Albert Nahman, we are your Berkeley heating and cooling experts. Our contractors can find the right unit for you and have it installed in your home in no time. Best of all, we always work within your budget to find the perfect system that keeps you comfortable without keeping you up at night worrying about the cost!

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