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How Plumbing Became an Art & You Didn’t Know


Think back to a time when you created something. It could have been a painting for art class, an essay for English, or being part of a play in drama class. Maybe you created music or designed a cool building for an engineering or architecture seminary… or possibly, the holiday ornament you made your parents when you were in third grade.

Make a mental picture and remember how proud you were. All of these things can be considered forms of art. However, there is a line between ‘real’ art and the third-grade ornament, right? Of course, this line would mean there is a difference between a plumbing system and ‘real’ art…

This line is actually completely imaginary and only exists in your head. We’re about to explain why plumbing can be considered art, a little history, and how a change in perspective is all it takes to appreciate your surroundings! Keep reading for more information!

Plumbing Has Always Been Art

First, let’s take a look at the word ‘art.’ The word comes from ‘artifice’ which can be roughly translated from Latin to mean ‘workmanship.’ In other definitions, it can be translated to mean anything created by man, or anything not of nature.

Basically, this means that simply by existing, piping and plumbing can be considered art. Going back in history, plumbing was first used by the ancient Egyptians around 4,000-3,000 BC.

Greeks and Romans also used plumbing in their bathhouses and toilets (that would be seen as a hole in the ground today. Mayans were the first civilization to pressurize water and the first use of indoor plumbing was in 1829 when Isaiah Rogers installed piping in the Tremont Hotel.

Famous Plumbing Art

You might appreciate the beautiful fountains around the world, but did you realize that they are actually plumbing fixtures?

The Trevi Fountain in Rome, the Fountain of Wealth in Singapore, and the Pont du Gard in France are all well-known (plumbing) art destinations.

The Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas are quite famous for their water shows that combine pressurized water, colored lighting, and music to present a beautiful show for onlookers. The Los Angeles Aqueduct has been seen in movies like Terminator 2, Grease, Point Blank, and Gone in Sixty Seconds.

Equally Important Plumbing Art

Although all of these destinations may seem far off and are typically highly romanticized, you can learn to appreciate plumbing literally in your own backyard. You may live in an area that makes use of designed lakes (and their fountains,) splash pads for kids, or even ornate drinking fountains.

All of these can be seen and appreciated as art. Equally as important is the irrigation and sewage systems in your neighborhood.

The irrigation system helps to keep grass and plants alive, making for an aesthetically pleasing view while protecting against erosion. The sewage system allows your wastewater to flow away from your home, without causing you to smell or see it–either or both being quite unpleasant.

Changes in Perspective

As you can see, everything points to plumbing as an art form. It doesn’t take much creativity to realize this, but simply understanding that something man-made is the beautiful idea of someone who brought it to life.

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