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Comparing Gas & Electric HVAC Units



Looking to purchase a new HVAC unit? It’s time to inform yourself about the different options available to homeowners and the differences between gas-operated HVACs and electric ones.

Both gas-powered and electric-powered HVAC systems have their individual advantages, and which one is ideal for you depends on multiple factors that you’ll have to consider when shopping for your system.

One Similarity: The Duct System

One of the major similarities between gas and electric HVAC’s is that they’re both forced air systems and require ducts to get the air out to the different rooms in a home.

With both systems, the air originates on a single location, and then through the ducts, it is spread throughout the home. One of the deciding factors you’ll have to consider when choosing between the two is how large your duct system is.

Is There a Difference in The HVAC Efficiency?

A major difference between the two systems is the cost of operation, especially when dealing with larger spaces. Up until the 70s, the most common AC system was gas-powered.

After this, it was more common to see electric-powered HVAC’s because people believed they were cheaper to operate and more efficient.

However, today we can see gas-powered HVAC’s making a return. The big reason for this is the modernization of the technology that’s allowed these systems to become more efficient, and in some cases better than electric-powered HVAC’s. But unlike electric systems, the price of operation for a gas system can fluctuate with the price of gas, and in this way, it’s more difficult to nail down an exact cost for each season.

Although gas systems generally cost 30 to 50 percent less to operate and last longer, finding a company to repair them can be difficult because not many places deal with gas-powered HVAC’s. Some electric systems are centrally located, meaning they’ll be less efficient than their gas counterparts.

But you do have more variety because it’s easier to make different modifications to an electric HVAC system. And of course, it will be easier to get repairs done whenever you need it because virtually every HVAC company works with electric HVACs.

The HVAC Cost

When comparing the price between the two systems, you have to take the cost of install, repairs and the system’s longevity into account.

Gas HVAC installation generally costs more than an electric unit; however, these systems break down less and can last longer.

An electric HVAC will have a lower cost of installation, but you’ll likely spend more on repairs throughout its lifetime. The repairs will be cheaper than those associated with a gas HVAC, and, of course, it’ll be easier to find a company to make repairs.

Understanding Energy Usage & Efficiency

Below we’ll take a look at some of the key things you’ll have to consider when shopping for a new system.

Where do you live? If you’re in a region where the winters are brutal or the summers are extremely hot, an electric HVAC might be better.

You’ll likely be pushing it to either cold or hot, and chances are you’ll need repairs more often; an electric HVAC will be easier to maintain.

How large is your home? A large home of over 2,000 square feet would be difficult to cool efficiently. Gas HVAC’s tend to be better at cooling large areas than electric ones. This is one of the main reasons they’re making a comeback – businesses are using them to cool their large spaces without costing what an electric HVAC would cost.

Is your home new? Older homes and newer homes are built with different material, and depending on the age of your home, it might make a difference in whether your cooling system should be electric or gas powered. Cooling and heating system maintenance also plays into which one is will suit your home the best, can you upkeep them?

Which one requires more maintenance than the other? These are the things that you must ask yourself before making that decision. In the end, you’ll have to do the proper amount of research in order to determine what the best system for you would be.

Larger homes will be better serviced by a gas HVAC, whereas a smaller home might benefit from an electric HVAC. Share this article with your friends and get their help in choosing which system is best for you! By doing your homework, you’ll be able to choose the right system for your home.

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