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Bad Toilet Habits That You Didn’t Know About


Growing up, you probably heard ‘don’t sit too close to the TV, it’ll ruin your eyes,’ and ‘if you keep making that face it’ll get stuck like that.’

You might even tell these things to your own children–and that’s exactly how information is passed on, growing into myths and widely accepted rumors.

With this said, we’re going to talk about a few rumors, myths, and pieces of misinformation regarding your toilet habits to save you from the headache of major plumbing problems. Keep reading for more information!

Don’t Damage Your Toilet Piping

Your toilet was meant to handle human waste and moderate amounts of toilet paper. When it seems to be having problems, there is a high chance that one of these five is occurring:

  • Non-flushable items: feminine products and baby wipes are notoriously mislabeled as being safe to flush. Typically, people who flush these items find that their toilets clog on a more regular basis than those who refrain from doing so.
  • Grease: your plumbing system and your toilet are not made for grease or oil in any form. Do not flush it, do not pour it down the drain–this is hugely responsible for clogs in many households.
  • Flushing once: even if it seems like your toilet can get rid of everything in one flush, try to remember to pull that lever at least twice. Flushing your toilet more than once can help push debris far enough into pipes to prevent clogs.
  • Wrong tools: the only tool that you should use on your toilet is a (toilet) plunger. We specify because many people don’t realize that there are also sink plungers that aren’t as effective. Avoid trying to fix problems yourself with an auger or drain snake–these items typically make the problem worse and result in more expensive repair bills.
  • Ignoring problems: you wouldn’t ignore a flat tire–you would put more air in it and then have it fixed–so don’t ignore a toilet issue. Often, the longer you wait to fix a problem, the more costly it is.

What Damage Can be Done


Clogs are all too common and often responsible for burst or leaking pipes. When a clog forms, water cannot pass and it creates pressure on the pipe walls.

This can lead to a pipe springing a leak or bursting completely. Aside from having to repair a damaged pipe, you may also face water damage throughout your home.

This water damage can eventually cause mold and a host of other problems.

Cost of Repairs


Choosing to make a plumbing repair yourself can have major consequences. Most often, home repairs end in even bigger problems and the need for emergency services.

One of the easiest ways to avoid this is by properly caring for your pipes with routine maintenance and ensuring a call to a professional when you notice something is wrong.

If you are interested in keeping your plumbing running efficiently and in a healthy state, research the best way to care for it.

You will likely find several tips that you can perform yourself without jeopardizing your system. Additionally, if you would like professional help at keeping your plumbing functioning, give Albert Nahman Plumbing a call at (510) 876-9725 .

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