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How to Save on Your Energy Bills This Winter


Many people think that keeping warm during the winter months means spending lots of money on heating and energy costs, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be true. There are some ways you can save money while staying warm, it just takes some know-how and taking a few necessary steps. Keep reading to learn how to get the best of both worlds by staying warm and saving money this winter.

  • Adjust your thermostat – Chances are you’re wasting quite a bit of energy and money by not using this little box properly. Turning your thermostat down just one or two degrees during the winter can reduce your monthly heating costs significantly. It’s recommended that your bedroom is 60 to 67°F while you’re sleeping, so there’s no point in having the heat running much overnight. You can also save money by using a programmable thermostat and setting it to only work hard when you’re home in the evening, before bed.
  • Keep your system maintained – Keeping your home’s HVAC system well maintained is an important way to reduce energy costs. Have the professionals come inspect your heating system before winter gets underway. You should also be sure to replace the HVAC filter before winter starts and about once a month after that.
  • Bundle up – Take some of the stress off your home’s heating system by dressing warmer while at home. Rather than turning the heat down a few degrees, you can throw on a sweater and some thick socks. You can also use extra blankets while lounging around or sleeping. You don’t need to dress up like an Eskimo, but you can add an extra layer to keep warm without working your heating system too hard.
  • Get blackout curtains – Installing thermal blackout energy-efficient curtains can keep 99% of outside light from coming into your home which is useful during the winter and the summer. As an added bonus, they can also block out unwanted noise. These curtains are well insulated and can keep the warm air in your home without allowing it to escape easily through windows.
  • Water saving measures – Your home’s hot water heater uses a lot of energy which costs you money, but there are some ways to cut down on the amount of hot water you use. Taking shorter showers is an effective way to save money. If you find it difficult, try shortening them by just a minute or two each time. Don’t allow the water to run while you’re doing dishes or brushing your teeth. While you’re away, you can also lower the temperature on your home’s water heater by 10 to 20 degrees. Some water heaters have a vacation mode setting to make things easier.

Other ways to save money this winter include using LED holiday lights, using eco-friendly options such as smart lighting and thermostats, replacing old siding and windows, and unplugging items or power strips that aren’t being used. Albert Nahman can help you save money by making sure your home’s HVAC unit is ready for winter. Give us a call today at (510) 876-9725 to schedule a consultation.

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