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Best Practices for Maintaining your Drains


If you’re like most people, you don’t give your drains much thought unless they don’t work properly. Most of us go along blithely expecting water to head down the drain, but when a drain stops working, it can cause a crisis. Being proactive about maintaining your drains can prevent this kind of problem, and it doesn’t really take much effort.

  • First, don’t randomly dump things into your drains. This should be common sense, but many people don’t think twice about pouring grease or other liquid fats down the drain or washing away medications. Even if you’ve got a garbage disposal, don’t put coffee grounds or eggshells into your drains, because they can cause clogs. Not sure what to do with grease when you’re cooking? Put it in an old coffee can or a cardboard milk container and throw it away. You can throw coffee grounds and eggshells away too, or add them to your compost pile.
  • Protect your drains from soap and hair. Keep drains covered with a screen or grate, and you’ll minimize clogging by preventing soap scum and hair from building up.
  • Clean your drains out on a regular basis. Every time you use the sink, run hot water when you’re done. This can keep oils and other substances from building up on the sides of the pipes. You can also toss a handful of baking soda in while you’re doing this, to help prevent not just buildup but also odors. When you have time to leave the drain alone for 30 minutes, pour in a cup of vinegar. When the 30 minutes are up, rinse it down with very hot water.
  • Know how to deal with a clog. Guess what? It’s not liquid drain cleaners. Liquid drain cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can damage your pipes, so it’s better to stick with more natural methods of clearing out clogs. You can use a cup plunger to force the clog through, or try cleaning it out with a plumbing snake. You can also pour ½ cup each of salt and baking soda into the drain, follow it with ½ cup of vinegar, let them foam for a minute or so, and pour down two quarts of boiling water.

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