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Faucet Leaks & What You Need to Know


Faucet Leaks & What You Need to Know

Essential Knowledge for Faucet Leaks

Faucet leaks can cause a lot of damage if they are not dealt with quickly. Without knowledge of what to do, panic easily sets in with the situation. Of course, the problem can be frustrating due to the fact that it’s basically watching money drip down the drain. Luckily, local plumbing services are available to help in this situation.

When called, these companies will do their best to fix the problem quickly and effectively. In this article, these experts share common causes of these issues, the cost of a faucet leak repair, and more. That way, the next faucet leak will not be as panicking as the first.

Signs of a Faucet Leaking

As discussed before, the first sign that a faucet is leaking is the dripping from the spout without having the faucet handles turned to release the water. However, there are other signs such as:

  • leak servicesWater Comes Out of the Spout at Abnormal Angles
  • Handles Are Squeaking When Turning the Tap On
  • Increase in Your Water Bills
  • Irregular Discharge
  • Leaks Around the Base of the Faucet
  • Leaks Under the Sink

Without knowing these signs, it may be easy to ignore the problem. However, these leaks can lead to many issues in the future with the plumbing.

If leaks continue to occur, the plumbing can be put under immense stress and will not work as well as when they were first installed. Additionally, clogs can become a problem that can affect your water pressure as well.

How Do Plumbers Handle Leaks?

When the plumbing technician arrives, they will take the time to find the source of the issue. The way to fix the problem depends on the location of the leak. First, the water will be shut off in order to clear up the drains.

Most of the time, the problem can easily be fixed by replacing the parts of the faucet. Once replaced, the leak will cease to continue, and all the parts will be tightened, blocking the water from coming out of the faucet when it should not be.

However, there are different situations that can occur with a faucet leak. With some WD-40 and replacement washers and o-rings, the problem can be fixed easily. Many times, there are leaks due to parts not being an exact fit, so be sure to take the time to find the correct tools needed. If the homeowner decides to fix the problem, it is more likely for error to occur.

Of course, the problem will be fixed differently due to the particular faucet in question. There will be a different fix when it comes to a one-handle faucet rather than a two-handle one.

Faucet Leak Cost

faucet leak costFaucet leaks can be very expensive if they’re not fixed. This is because it’s constant water running, so it will add up on water bills. Once the problem is noted by the owner of the home, reaching out to a company to fix the issue should be an immediate step.

Getting these problems fixed quickly, or even calling a plumbing company to prevent an issue by replacing old faucets, can save money in the long run. The average amount a person would pay for a leaking faucet would be around $20 per month.

If it’s not fixed quickly, this will add up quickly onto the existing water bill. Since it’s so simple to call a company to resolve the issue, it will not be difficult once the problem is identified. The cost for a professional to work on a leaky faucet depends on the type of issue.

For example, if the problem is simply to tighten up or replace a few parts, the cost will go down. If the problem is with the actual drainage pipe, then the price will be higher. In the long run, the money saved from having the faucet fixed will be well worth it for a one-time charge from your local plumbing company.

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