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What Everyone Should Know About Trenchless Sewer Repair

Before high Tech Trenchless sewer repair Berkeley residents had to use the traditional method. Traditional sewer repair is expensive, time-consuming and creates unnecessary debris.
Days of digging and excavation are common with traditional repair.

The landscape, buildings and ground are destroyed in removing old and cracked pipes for replacement. To make matters worse contaminated waste goes into landfills creating more environmental hazards. City ordinances and codes will make using traditional sewer repair for housing and businesses all but impossible. Traditional sewer repair will mean restricted access to property and loss of business.

Trenchless sewer repair has done away with all the expensive negative problems created by traditional repair. Trenchless sewer repair has done away with digging and excavation. No more worry about contaminated waste dumped into landfills and environmental problems. The expense of special permits and code compliance are no longer needed. High Tech Trenchless sewer repair begins with identifying access points such as toilet openings and vent stacks. Specialized video equipment goes into access points to inspect pipes for damage.

A liner sleeve is inserted into these entry points and into the system. This liner sleeve is epoxy coated and is inserted into the damaged pipe area. After insertion the sleeve is inflated and forms a new pipe in the damaged area. This pipe within a pipe method is smooth and seamless and acts as a brand-new pipe system. Clearly the advantages over traditional repair methods verses Trenchless methods are obvious for anyone to see. There is no more destruction of landscape or structures, slight disruption to homes and businesses and far less expense.

Completed Trenchless sewer repair is done in a matter of hours instead of many days. Trenchless sewer repair can easily spot repair sections or replace entire systems. Trenchless sewer repair has become the preferred method of choice for homes and businesses throughout the nation.

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