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The Importance of Servicing Your Water Heater

Most people do not realize that their home water heater requires servicing to ensure efficient heating of water and to prolong the life of the heater. There is another very important reason for service. When a water heater begins to leak, it usually creates a small flood and can result in the growth of black mold. Inadequate heating can allow certain bacteria to grow in the tank. The hot water heater service includes checking or inspecting the following:

The Burner Flame
The flame should be adjusted so that it provides maximum heat with less cost. The gas flame should be checked to ensure that the burner is functioning properly.

The Pressure Relief Valve
This valve is a safety feature and making sure it works or replacing it if it doesn’t is protection against serious damage to the home and destruction of the tank.

Draining The Water Heater
raining the tank to ensure that sediment is removed from the tank is one of the factors that will prolong the life of the tank

The Bottom Of The Tank
Many signs of impending tank failure are evident by an inspection of the bottom of the tank. An inspection may reveal a flame adjustment is required.

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