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Plumbing Emergencies Which Need Professional Care

Three common plumbing emergencies that require a call to a professional plumber are clogged toilets, burst pipes, and wall leaks.

Each of these problems can be the result of a large plumbing issue that is not always easily fixed. Professional plumbers are equipped to deal with these types of emergencies.

Clogged toilets are thought of as an easy fix but this is not always the case. When plunging the toilet with a plunger does not work – what next? One should turn off the water valve to the toilet to keep water from running continuously. If the valve is not shut off, the water can continue to run and overflow the toilet causing even more damage.

Burst pipes are a huge problem in the winter. Pipes can burst for a variety of reasons including improper insulation, cold temperatures, and inadequate ventilation. It is important to turn the main water valve off until the plumber arrives. Plumbers can take out the damaged portions and solder in new portions to fix the problem. They can also give homeowners direction on how to insulate the pipes if improper insulation is the cause of the burst pipes.

Wall leaks are usually the result of burst pipes or old pipes. Professional plumbers are equipped with tools that can help them find the source of the leak so that they are able to fix it properly. Wall leaks that are left alone can cause many problems including damage to other pipes, rust leaking into drinking water, wall and floor damage, and excessive repair costs.

When dealing with emergency plumbing issues such as burst pipes, wall leaks, and clogged toilets, it is best left to a professional. Sometimes clogged toilets are fixed with a plunger but when this is not the case, a professional needs to inspect the toilet. Problems that are not treated and are left alone for too long can cause extensive damage to a home and the entire plumbing system, possibly. It is better to let a professional plumber fix the problem rather than trying to do it oneself. It saves time, money, and hassle.


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