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5 Reasons to Have a Garbage Disposal in Your Home

5 Reasons to Have a Garbage Disposal in Your Home


There are some people who choose not to have a garbage disposal put into their home, but that choice simply does not work for everyone. Obviously, people who are from large families with busy schedules will greatly benefit from having one, but so will single homes. Read on to discover the top 5 reasons to have a garbage disposal.

1. Get rid of extra food scraps from preparing meals. Things like potato skins, apples, meat (in small doses and cut up), eggs, and even coffee grounds.

2. Dispose of rotten food that is inedible in the fridge. Nobody wants to look at that two week old sandwich growing grey mold on it any more – send it down the disposal!

3. Eliminate bad odors so they are not just thrown in the trash. If you keep food in the trash that already has a terrible smell, it can potentially be left there until the next trash date and end up making your house smell horrendous! A garbage disposal can take care of this problem in the flick of a switch!

4. It is an easy way to remove food left on a plate when doing dishes. People have a tendency to not eat all the food they are served, and when you are the one doing a pile of dishes at the end of the night, being able to quickly scrape the extra food off and grind it up can save lots of time and trips to the garbage outside!

5. Reduces chances of mold and maggots in the house trash cans. Eww! Who wants to throw away food in the trash and deal with maggots and/or flies, and what happens if you forget to take out the trash when the garbage men come? Dump those moldy things down the drain and mince them to pieces – goodbye mold, maggots and flies!

Whatever the reasons are that you decide to have a garbage disposal are great ones. Helping to reduce home waste, disgusting stenches, and the possibility of mold and maggots and/or flies is so important to every household, especially if you have little ones, elderly people or animals living with you.

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