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Steps To Take In Case Of A Plumbing Emergency In Berkeley, CA

Are you prepared for a plumbing emergency?


Plumbing emergencies are a source of stress to most individuals. Properly assessing a plumbing emergency can be invaluable for the home owner’s communication with a licensed professional plumber. Giving the correct information over the phone when making a call to a plumbing service can be absolutely critical. In the case of a leak the homeowner should be able to tell the plumbing service if water is leaking, approximately how long it has been leaking, the size of the leak or puddle and the location in the home of the leak. In the case of a clog the homeowner should be able to tell the location of the clog, whether it has been clogged and draining slowly over a period of time or became clogged suddenly.

Another piece of valuable information for the homeowner is the location of the shut off valve. Shut off valves are typically located near each water outlet, such as under the lavatory, toilet, and kitchen sink in the home. Simply shutting off the valve until the professional can arrive can minimize the consequences of the emergency dramatically. Depending upon the structure of the building and the installation codes, many homeowners also have shut off main valves located on the exterior of their home. These valves can shut off water to the entire house until the plumber can arrive. This can save the homeowner hundreds and even thousands of dollars in the event of an emergency water leak. Having a professional plumber to locate the valves and demonstrate their use prior to the emergency during a non-emergency installation or maintenance call would be helpful.

One of the most stressful things about a plumbing emergency is not knowing who to contact or how. Deciding which plumbing professional or agency to use before an emergency occurs and having their contact information readily available is one of the best decisions a homeowner can make. Having that contact information readily displayed and easily accessible lowers the stress of any plumbing emergency.


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