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Benefits of a Summer Air Duct Cleaning

Benefits of a Summer Air Duct Cleaning


Why do you need your air ducts cleaned for the summer? It is true that homes today are more energy-efficient than they were twenty years ago. It is also true that it takes a lot less energy to cool your home in the summer and less to heat it in the winter. However, this energy-efficient, air-tight construction we have today brings with it dirty household air.

Having minimal air leakage in or out is awesome for energy efficiency, but means that the same air is constantly being circulated through your home with no replacement from a fresh air source. The air being heated and cooled in your home is circulated through the duct system. Allergens such as smoke, pet hair, pollen, dust particles, mold particles and oil particles from cooking get transferred into the air in your home through the ducts. Over time, the dirt and debris accumulates in the system which is why you need to have it professionally cleaned.

Professional duct cleaning will remove the bacteria, fungus, pet dander, mold spores and pollen from the duct system. Most of these contaminants add to asthma and allergy problems in the home. If anyone in your home has allergies or asthma, you might begin to notice their symptoms worsening by the contaminated air in your home.

Air duct cleaning will also remove moisture in your duct system. When moisture accumulates in the system, it makes it an ideal breeding place for mold, bacteria and fungi. All of these have been known to cause diseases of the respiratory system.

Having your air ducts cleaned will keep your home cleaner. It helps you and the rest of the family maintain better health because you are not breathing in re-circulated pollutants constantly. If you have allergies, keeping the air in your home clean will reduce the possibility of having allergic reactions.

Your good health is the main reason you should have your air ducts cleaned. Considering the amount of pollution and dust that find its way into your home and sticks around, keeping your air conditioning unit clean is a definite must.

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