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Increase The Value Of Your Home By 20 Percent

How can a tankless water heater improve your home’s value?

Deciding which kind of water heater to install in your home can be a difficult decision. One increasingly popular option is the tankless water heater, also known as a continuous flow or instant water heater. Unlike traditional tank water heaters, which keep a large reservoir of water heated constantly, regardless of if anyone is home or awake to use the water, tankless water heaters only heat water when there is an immediate demand.

Choosing a tankless water heater has both short- and long-term benefits. Hot water is nearly endless with a tankless heater, as there is set supply of water that empties; rather, water heats as needed. If space is an issue in your home, tankless heaters take up significantly less room than their tank counterparts. The heater can even be mounted to the wall. Additionally, with no tank of stored water, the risk of flood significantly reduces. Large or dangerous spikes in temperature are also diminished with tankless water systems.

Customize your water needs based on your home’s layout and your water usage habits. A central unit in your home is sufficient, but installing several smaller point-of-use units throughout will save even more in water and energy bills. Having point-of-use heaters is especially useful for bathrooms or sinks that are far from the central heater. If the water needs to travel a greater distance, there is more cool water resting in the pipes that needs to be flushed out; however, point-of-use heaters eliminate the extra water use, delivering instant hot water at the source.

Installing a tankless water heater also improves the value of your home immediately and in the long-term. Tankless heaters are 80 percent efficient, which is 20 percent greater than tank systems. Efficiency is even greater with point-of-use systems, increasing up to 40 percent over tank counterparts. Not only do you save on your monthly bills, but according to “Remodeling Magazine,” a middle-of-the-line bathroom renovation can recover 71 percent of investment costs. Finally, your household is also eligible for a tax rebate for having water and energy efficient systems in place.

If you’re looking to save money in the long run, and want a more efficient system, tankless water heaters are the answer. You’ll enjoy endless hot water and a fuller wallet.

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