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Important Leak Precautions To Take

What Are The Precautions To Take When Discovering A Leak In My Home?


Right in the middle of making dinner, you feel a drop of water on your head –and then another. You look up and see yet another drop magically making its way through the ceiling. What should you do? We can help with our plumbing services.

First Steps

If the leak is very fast, start by turning off the water at the main valve by turning it clockwise. Begin to look for the source of the leak by looking up the pipe till you find the highest point at which it is leaking. If there is a bathroom or kitchen on the floor above the leak, make sure that you check there too. If the leak comes from a sink or toilet it will have its own valve that you can turn off.

Once you’ve got the dripping under control, call your plumber. Even tiny leaks need professional attention. Most leaks occur because of the pipe has begun to corrode. If the pipe isn’t replaced, sooner or later it will start leaking in other places, too.

If it will be many hours or even days until the plumber can get to you, you can often make a temporary repair with thick rubber and a hose clamp, or an epoxy kit. The pipe will continue too corrode under the patch so you still need your plumber to do a thorough repair.

You Need an Experienced Plumber

Replacing pipes is not a job for amateurs, no matter how tempting the displays at the home center look. Most houses have a lot of copper piping, which has to be soldered together.

This is dangerous work, requiring an open flame. When the leak is coming from the pipe joint, the pipe must be tightened.

When you tighten the pipe at one end, the other end will also move. Leave this repair to an experienced plumber who understands how the whole piping system fits together.

Why Is It Important To Fix A Leak Issue?

A slow leak in a spare room may not bother you now but it will become a headache if left alone. The water that leaks onto your floor or inside a wall will eventually rot wooden wall studs and floor joists. It can make drywall or plaster bulge and crumble. It also provides a perfect environment for mold to start to grow and spread.

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