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DIY Doesn’t Always Turn Out Right!

DIY Gone Wrong 


DIY projects seem like a great idea when you want to fix or update something around your house and save money in the process. However, a lot can go wrong. Damage may result and plumbers are then called to remedy the mistakes, which can end up costing even more than if a plumber had been called in the first place.

Faulty Drain Lines

While most DIYers know that drains need to flow downhill, do you know the proper slope to use according to the building codes in your state?Many drains installed by DIYers, either have too little slope or too much. Drain lines with too much slope are just as likely to clog as drain lines with too little because the liquids move too fast, leaving the solids behind. Over time, the solids build up and the line becomes clogged or backs up into the house.

Improperly Vented Traps

Another DIY plumbing mistake is improperly vented traps. Drain traps are the safeguard between your living space and the sewer system, preventing hazardous methane gas from penetrating your home as well as keeping rodents from crawling up through your drains and gaining entry into your home. While the rodents are a nuisance, the methane can explode, which seriously endangers your home and family.

Using The Wrong Tools to Unclog Drains

The last DIY plumbing mistake is the most common. Using a plunger to clear a clog yourself is just fine…as long as the clog isn’t caused by some object your toddler tried to flush down the toilet. Plunging in this instance will further lodge the object in the toilet or in the trap below causing the removal of the toilet to be necessary.The trouble comes when you try a more complicated method. Every drain type is different and requires different tools. A normal drain snake can damage the bowl of your toilet. Additionally, different sized snakes are used for tubs than for washing machine drains and a kitchen drain may need something else entirely. If you’re using the wrong tool for the job, you can destroy your plumbing fixtures or pipes, resulting in a more expensive repair.You can avoid these DIY plumbing mistakes by hiring a professional plumber. While your project seems to be easy, the essence to plumbing is in the particulars. A plumber gets the big bucks because he knows the plumbing codes.

We’ve seen too many DIY disasters. Save yourself the headache and call the professionals of Albert Nahman at  (510) 876-9725 for service in the Berkeley area! 

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