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Make Your Plumbing System More Effective With These Tips

An inefficient plumbing system can add big costs to your water bill. The good news is that reducing your water bill by following a few plumbing best practices can make a huge difference.

Not only will you use less water, your bill will reflect your new strategy by coming in markedly lower. Let’s take a look three ‘no-brainer’ tips that can help anyone save money by reducing their water use.

Your Plumber Can Install A Low-Flush Toilet

You might be surprised at just how much water some toilets waste. Installing a low-flush toilet solves that problem. Faucets, toilets, and showers combined account for about 60% of all water used in urban areas.

A low-flush toilet uses only 1.6 gallons per flush. Contrast this to the amount used by standard toilets, which is 3.5 to 5 gallons per flush and you see why swapping out your outdated toilet is a very big deal indeed.

Studies have shown that the average American flushes about 9,000 gallons per year of water. Reducing the average of water per flush by 50% or more can have a huge impact for that customer and for society at large.

Have Your Plumber Install Pressure-Reducing Valves

Pressure-reducing valves have a dramatic impact on water reduction. Reducing the water pressure not only helps to reduce water use directly, but this tactic also has the added benefit of reducing the flow of water from leaking water pipes, leaking water heaters, and dripping faucets.

Attacking these vectors of water waste will have a positive impact on reducing your water use.

Upgraded Plumbing Makes A Huge Difference

Don’t neglect the effect of upgraded plumbing on water conservation. There are numerous plumbing fixtures that have been designed specifically to conserve water due to increased efficiency. Just by switching to water-efficient plumbing fixture

s a family of three can save 54,000 gallons of water per year.


The best part of low-flow plumbing fixtures and retrofitting the plumbing to increase efficiency is that these measures happen one time but will save the homeowner on water costs significantly over the lifetime of home ownership.

Reduced water costs can also be a factor that adds to the resale value of the home since a growing segment of people are now aware of the benefits of reducing water use.

Anyone can start small with their water conservation plan. Over time they can make the improvements needed to ensure their home is completely efficient.

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