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Professional Maintenance on Your Home

Have a Professional Maintenance Checkup on your Plumbing Before Winter Is Here

As We Head in to Fall- Make Sure Your Plumbing is Ready

As the weather begins to get cold it is a good idea to schedule a home inspection with a licensed plumber to make sure your pipes are prepared to with stand the frigid temperature changes.

There could be residue from those summer cookouts stuck in your garbage disposal, heavy rains could have caused sewer lines to back up and you want to be sure your toilets are all flushing properly. There are three common disasters that can occur with homes when fall sets in.

Frozen Pipes

It is important to have your pipes insulated before the cold weather sets in. Water has the unique capability to expand when it freezes. When it freezes inside pipes, whether metal or plastic, the pressure will cause them to break.

Pipes that are exposed to the cold such as; pool supply lines, water sprinkler lines, pipes in unheated interior rooms like the basement or garage are all susceptible to freezing. Professional plumbers know all the areas that are possible of causing burst pipe disasters and know the ones that will need the protection of insulation.

Clogged Gutters

If your gutters become clogged they will cause snow and ice melt to overflow in your gutters. When this refreezes your roof is in danger. This build up can tear apart the eaves on your house and even take sections of your gutter right off the house. Call a professional in to make sure your gutters are clear of any type of debris that may have built up over the summer months.

Fall is a good time to have your water heater cleaned out also. If you have hard water it is especially a good idea to have this done once a year. Rust sediment can build up on the bottom of water heaters when water sits in it; which will damage the heating elements and put your heater at risk for failure. Draining will flush that sediment out leaving your heater running more efficiently and longer.

Clean Plumbing Vent Pipes

If drains are sluggish it may be more than just obstructions in the pipes. It can oftentimes be connected to the vent pipes on your roof. When they get blocked, air cannot get into the drains and the vacuum produced with rushing water can slow down or sometimes even stop the flow. In serious situations; the vacuum can actually pull water out of drains and traps causing sewer gas to leak into the home. Make sure a professional checks your vents to ensure they are clear and unclogged from any debris.

Better Now Than Later

It is better to have these routine maintenance checkups carried out before the cold weather sets in and your home is placed at potential risk. The maintenance checkups are much less costly than fixing any of these issues once the cold is here and prevents your home from receiving its regular water supply.

Remember to keep up with a regular maintenance schedule. Call Albert Nahman Plumbing at (510) 876-9725 to get your Berkeley home inspected. 

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