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Ten Trendy Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

10 Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

Plumbing companies across the western world report there are a lot of new bathroom upgrades. Some of these companies cling too heavily to the old ways and they are unable to ride the waves of bathroom remodeling and upgrades. When consumers make decisions about plumbing companies, they recognize that they need one who has experience dealing with bathroom remodeling. There are several great reasons for one to remodel their bathroom.

1 – Safety Issues

When a senior citizen is in the shower, they might have trouble sustaining their weight. After all, they will sometimes need a walker or a cane to help them to get around. Standing in the shower can be just as challenging. That is why many people choose to make a few renovations that will make the shower a safer environment. Many Berkeley homeowners will install a grab bar in their bathroom so they can sustain their weight while they are bathing.

2 – Lower Your Energy Bill

You probably have several expenses burdening you every month, and it can be difficult to keep a strict budget. You sit at the table a few times every month and ask where you are financially and what payments are imminent. If you can find a way to save a few dollars, you should. The bathroom is the place where most people see their energy bill rise. That is why so many people are making changes. These changes can relate to lower water usage, LED lights, and more.

3 – You are trying to be eco-friendly.

Most people recognize the importance of being environmentally aware. The planet is undergoing a degradation unparalleled in recent years, and there is something that we can do to change it. We can change our behavior and our habits. It starts with the individual, spreads to the household, the community, the state, the nation and the world. Everybody who is conscious of their impact on the environment wants to do their part and change their habits. There are some changes in the bathroom that the environmentally savvy individual can make. They include:

• Low-flow toilets

• Low-flow shower heads

• LED lights

• An automatic faucet

4 – Entertainment Purposes

Many people are surprised by all of the changes that are coming to the bathroom. It used to be that when somebody wanted to listen to music in their bathroom, they would have to put their phone at risk by exposing it to steam. They would have to carry an obtrusive boombox into the bathroom. Today, there are enough waterproof entertainment opportunities to keep your mind engaged and stimulated. There are even waterproof televisions that people install in their shower. There are radios with digital controls that are not harmed by the water. If you want entertainment, make some upgrades in your bathroom.

5 – You enjoy the spa.

You probably have a job that you go to every day. When you come home, your feet hurt, your mind is drained and you just want to relax and forget about the day. It would be nice if every day when you came home, you could step into a spa. Well, that has become possible in recent years as the features of the spa are being redesigned to optimize the bathroom. You could invest in a steam shower, pebbled floors, and much more.

6 – You and your partner fight over the toilet seat.

The problem is as old as time. Men often do not care or see a point to put the lid on the toilet seat down, while women think it is sloppy. This is an ongoing conjugal spat that does not seem to have an end in sight. Well, that is what most people thought until the automatic toilet lid. It detects your presence and automatically opens. After you do your business, then it automatically closes. Twenty years from now, the common problem of the man leaving the toilet seat up will be long forgotten.

7 – You want more convenience.

There are many joys that come with parenting. There are also some moments to which parents do not look forward to. They do not look forward to teaching their kids how to use the toilet. They do not enjoy all of the revolting activities that come with that.

That is why newer toilets come with so many advanced features.

After you are finished on the toilet, it will wash and dry you. This means that you will no longer have to purchase or use toilet paper.

8 – You have run out of space.

The minimalist bathroom design is not for everybody. Many people are not okay with feeling cramped in the bathroom, as though they cannot stretch out their arms in any direction without hitting something. Many of today’s updates are meant to expand the space in the bathroom, or at least make the bathroom feel as though it were more spacious. Many people living in Berkeley make the following renovations:

• A floating sink

• A glass shower door (so that the space in the shower will complement the rest of the room)

• Built-in shelves in the corner of the room

9 – Shower Clutter

When you take a shower, you are surrounded by shampoo, conditioner, bars of soap, and body wash. It seems like every time you are in there, something is falling over. Beyond that, it is not a very attractive design. That is why many people are installing built-in compartments for their bottles.

10 – You want a change.

After a breakup or a major life change, people often want to feel like they are a different person. They want to establish their identity in different ways. They want to do things that they never have before. A few renovations in the bathroom could be enough to do just that. It will give you something new to look forward to.

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