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Air Conditioning Repair Tips Everyone Should Steal From The Pros


Air Conditioning Repair Tips Everyone Should Steal From The Pros

Essential Air Conditioner Repair Tips for Homeowners

When professionals are going into a possible repair, there is a set of troubleshooting steps they will go through before taking action. Some of them are easy to do yourself and can assist you in identifying the problem before seeking professional help.

These pros say that by following the following exclusive advice, you will put yourself in a position to identify problems ahead of time and save money on emergency repairs. This article will cover these tips and help homeowners make the most of their AC repair needs.

First Things First, Check Your Thermostat

thermostatsIf you find that your air conditioning unit is not working one day, your first step should always be to check your thermostat. Often times, the problem is as simple as the AC being on the wrong setting or the thermostat being off or out of batteries.

Whether you have an electromechanical or electrical thermostat, a quick assessment of its source of power or responsivity of the screen is in your best interest before seeking assistance. Also, always make sure it’s in the on position. In many cases, homeowners panic because their air conditioner won’t turn on and immediately call for help.

A simple check can easily avoid emergency repair costs. Additionally, in the winter season when you’re switching your central air conditioning system to warm, make sure it’s in the correct positioning once again. While it may seem like an obvious step to start with, it can often resolve those simple mistakes that won’t require the help of a professional.

Remember Your Air Filter Replacement Schedule

Never underestimate how important a clean air filter is to the overall functionality of your air conditioning unit. A dirty air filter can severely hinder your A/C’s performance as well as cause allergen buildup within your system. When your filter is dirty, it may cause short-cycling, freezing up, and uneven cooling.

A neglected air filter will cause increased wear-and-tear as time goes on, this being why a dirty air filter is the second most common cause of A/C problems. In addition to this, the efficiency of your system will seriously decline. When your A/C system is overdue for a filter replacement, the unit will need to use much more power than usual to cool your home.

In turn, this will cause your bills to rise. Avoid the harmful effects of a dirty filter and stick to a strict replacement schedule. The professionals recommend changing every 90 days generally, 60 if you have pets, and 30 if someone in your household is particularly allergy-prone. Always try changing your air filter before making any calls for repair.

Clean Your A/C System Regularly

clean systemOften times, when your air conditioning unit stops producing cold air, your first reaction is to call someone in to assess the problem. You have learned to first check the thermostat and air filter, but there is one more action you should take before calling in a professional; clean your A/C system.

A common cause of air conditioner failure is due to the evaporator, condenser coils, and cooling fins being clogged with dust and debris. These are easy enough to clean out yourself and only require a few relatively inexpensive products: a fin comb, a screwdriver, a vacuum, A/C coil cleaner, and some household cleaner.

The process is rather simple. Remove the cover and straighten out bent fin coils by using the comb and use a vacuum to easily clear out visible build-up. Follow this with the foam coil cleaner and a nylon brush (brush in the direction of the coils) to deep-clean the unit. Finally, service the fan motor gently with a rag and some household cleaner.

If this simple step-by-step process does not do the trick, then perhaps it is time to call in help. Just remember that these tips are directly from professionals in the field who have your best interest in mind. With this advice, you should be able to keep your A/C unit running smoothly on your own!

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