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How to Tell if Your Sewer Needs Repair or A New Line

The sewer line of a property is a vital aspect of the plumbing throughout the home; without a properly functioning main sewer line, many plumbing and sewage problems may arise around the home. Although there may be a problem with a main sewer line, replacing the entire line is not always necessary; depending on the situation, minor repairs may be performed.

For a home owner to properly distinguish whether a repair or complete replacement must be performed, they will need to observe signs such as sewer/mildew smells, look for leaks around the property, and listen for sounds of leaking drops. Leaks that continue to persist will eventually deteriorate the surrounding foundation of the home as well as cause deterioration of flooring, and walls. If the home owner finds multiple leaks throughout the sewer line, it is best to completely remove and replace the line to avoid further damage. However, if there happens to be a leak or two, it may be patched or even the specific section of sewer line sectionally cut and replaced by a professional.

There are often some tell-tale signs that may arise in the home when there is a problem with the sewer line. A slow draining bathtub, bathroom or kitchen sinks, laundry room drains and other areas may backup water periodically throughout the day. Also, depending on the water pressure at the time of day, water levels in the toilet may be either too low or almost flooding the bowl. Alongside raising and lowering water levels are also other problematic signs such as awkward sounds not normally heard such as pings, or dings throughout the sewer line. Also, rodents are attracted to cracked, leaking sewer lines and can be an additional problem all together.

The next course of action after determining whether a sewer line may be patched or in need of being replaced is to contact a professional to determine a bid on a contract for replacing the sewer line completely using ABS piping. ABS piping compared to clay, or steel piping will endure a longer lifetime against natural decomposition. However, if a repair may be made, usually the contracted professional will cut the section of pipe and replace it with a new pipe section, then seal it. Whether a sewer line is replaced entirely, or repaired, the main point is that it is acted on immediately upon noticing the problem to avoid further damage.

Albert Nahman is a local Berkeley plumbing contractor. A New Jersey native, Albert is celebrating 30 years of business in the plumbing industry. Albert and his wife Margie and their three children Anneka, Amelia and Sam have attended Berkeley public schools and local universities. Albert and Margie are the proud grandparents of 18 month old, Santana. For plumbing problems in the Berkley CA area contact (510) 876-9725

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