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Check Your Water Heater

Water heaters are appliances that homeowners do not give much thought about until they need to be replaced. Although they can last for many years, there are warning signs that it is time to replace your water heater. Waiting too long can cause higher utility bills and possible damage to the area the water heater is installed.

Gas and electric water heaters do not have many moving parts; therefore, replacement is warranted if those parts are functional but the tank is not operating as it should. Models that are ten years and older are outdated and not as energy efficient. Newer models do not take as long to heat water and provide a noticeable savings on your utility bill.

The most common problem is a leaky hot water tank that constantly runs. This not only increases the water and gas or electric bills, but also causes wear and tear on the unit itself. Homeowners with wells find their pump is constantly running leading to burning out the motor and needing replacement.

The bottom of the tank can become rusted and corroded from minerals in the water. This can cause leaking or rust colored water that could potentially affect the health of those in the dwelling. The inability to maintain the desired temperature of hot water or running out of hot water too soon are other signs that your appliance needs replaced.

During home remodeling, some homeowners may decide to change from electric to gas or vice versa. Others may require replacement with a larger capacity water heater to accommodate the growing number of people living in the home. On the other hand, a smaller capacity unit may be needed as parents find themselves alone in the home after their grown children have left the nest.

These appliances are often housed in the basement or utility room and forgotten. It is important to periodically check your water heater for any signs that it is time for replacement. Doing so will save money and frustration upon discovering a faulty unit after years of service.

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