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What You Need to Know About Home Water Filtration


We are now proud to be an exclusive dealer of water filtration and descaling products from Krystal Klear. Pure water is preferred over any other type of water because it offers health benefits without the presence of impurities. Bottled water is not the greatest alternative to a clean source of water. It is better to confront the condition of the water in the home and save money. Water can contain too much chlorine or biological contaminants, metal particles, and other undesirable elements. Many epidemics in the past were caused by unclean water. A high content of lead is another undesirable situation that often affects drinking water. The EPA confirmed that 480,000 learning disorder cases in the U.S are caused by the presence of lead in their drinking water. All of the cases involve children and the cases occur annually. It is evident that pure drinking water should be present in a child’s diet in order for them to develop physically and mentally. In addition to children, pregnant women are also affected because drinking water that is high in lead content can result in serious birth defects. Individuals can fall ill from intestinal diseases and different types of cancer when water is not regulated before it is consumed. This is why it is crucial to have a water infiltration system in the house.

Home water filtration systems use complex water treatment technology to remove toxic substances from drinking water, which is why owning a whole system for the entire house is beneficial to its inhabitants. There are about 2,100 identified contaminants and poisons that exist in tap water. Once these elements are removed by the water treatment system, they are inhibited from forming again in the future. Odors are also removed, leaving the water with an improved taste. Drinks that need to be mixed with water will also taste significantly better. Water is demanded in different amounts each day, which is why these systems accommodate entire families.

The benefits of a water filtration system extend beyond matters of health. The physical attributes of a person will change once they start consuming cleaner water. The softness and luster of the hair and skin will increase. Showers wouldn’t result in dry, wrinkly skin anymore. There will be no worries of hidden elements that can cause illnesses. The water will even appear clearer because unfiltered tap water often has a cloudy tint. An entire household can benefit from all of these advantages once an investment is made in a water infiltration system.

Do not put your family’s health at risk, if you want water free of contaminants in your Berkeley home, consider a home water filtration system. Contact Albert Nahman Plumbing & Heating, your exclusive krystal klear dealer. Call us anytime at (510) 876-9725 .

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