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How To Prevent Sewer Line Obstruction

Sewer lines play a key role in removing waste from a home. Without them, sewage would build up and make a house unlivable. Taking extra precautions to keep debris running as smoothly as possible through sewer pipes is a wise choice for homeowners to make. Certain items should always be thrown away in the trash and not put down the garbage disposal or toilet. Oils, grease and fat are serious enemies of a sewer line. They can be present in food scraps, cooking oil, lard and butter. When these type of items are washed down the drain or flushed down the toilet, they form large gummy balls that get caught up inside of sewer pipes. This results in unnecessary clogging and could also cause a backup of water and flooding.

Simple steps can be taken to eliminate clogged sewer lines. Keeping a metal can in the kitchen and pouring hot grease in it is a better choice than dumping grease down the drain or toilet. The can allows the grease to cool before it is thrown away in the trash. Greasy pans and cooking utensils should also be wiped off before placing them in the sink. A paper towel will soak the grease off of these items and keep it from clogging the sewer.

Toilets should not be used as a garbage. Blockages are often caused by flushing down foreign objects. Paper towels, diapers, dental floss, feminine hygiene products and facial tissues are definitely not suitable items for the toilet. These items should all be thrown away and hauled off by a garbage truck driver. Paints, harsh chemicals or oil-based products should also be kept away from the toilet and sewer line so that they don’t cause problems in the future.

Following these easy tips will keep sewer lines free of objects that could clog them. This saves a homeowner money and eliminates the inconvenience of having to clear the sewer lines from unnecessary debris.

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