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5 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Old Water Heater

There are many reasons why upgrading your water heater makes sense. One of the most common is increased capacity. An older standard water heater, that has not been well maintained, will eventually fill with sediment, which can replace some of the area where your hot water is stored. In time, this can diminish the capacity of your water heater. Also, if your family gets larger, or you add a dishwasher, or another appliance, that requires extra hot water; you will want to increase the capacity of your hot water heater. Last, but not least, you may want to upgrade to a tank-less water heater, which heats the water as it is being used, which results in endless hot water.

The next reason you may want to upgrade your water heater is increased energy efficiency. Modern appliances are more energy efficient than older models. We all know how expensive natural gas is, so energy efficiency is an important reason to upgrade your water heater. Safety is another reason to upgrade. No one wants to have a fire or other natural gas safety concern. A new water heater, properly installed, according to code, can give you peace of mind. Modern fire codes usually require safety valves, so your home won’t flood, proper ventilation, and in some states earthquake straps. Fire code differs in different areas, but you want to have your water heater installed properly and safely.

A new water heater may also run quieter, and be easier to light, and maintain. Old water heaters can have pilots that go out all too frequently. Maybe they are just old, or maybe the thermocouple is burnt out. Either way, a new water heater will stay lit and be easier to light when you do need to relight the pilot. Also, some have electronic ignition, which can take the guesswork out of lighting the pilot. They also look nicer and work better. Hot water is important, and we all know that we want to have as much as we need, when we need it. With a new water heater upgrade, you can have increased capacity, energy efficiency, safer operation, a cleaner quieter model, and easier maintenance. This is a good investment for the well being of your family.

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